The Widford Parish Hall was built in 1911 and opened in 1912, to serve the residents of the parish of Widford. In the early days, it was lit with gas lamps and heated by two large stoves fuelled with coke at either end of the building.

During the First World War, the Hall was ideally placed to serve as a resting point and feeding station for passing troops.

Fortunately, Widford was relatively unscathed during the Second World War and in the years afterwards, the Hall continued to be the centre for many activities in the village, hosting concerts, dances and wedding receptions; meetings of the Mothers Union, the WI, Darby & Joan Club and Widford youth club as well as parish flower shows and gardening clubs.

In 1986, the ownership of the former Parish Hall  was passed to the Charities Commission and a charity was set up (‘Widford Village Hall’) to administer the business and day-to-day running of the Hall, which continues today.

In 2011, the Hall celebrated its Centenary and, to mark this event, the Mayor attended and a commemorative plaque was affixed. After years of continued use, in 2018 the Hall was completely repainted inside, the floor was refurbished and a fire alarm installed.

The Hall continues to be used regularly by the Toddlers group, The Weston School of Dance, Tai Chi, yoga, dog training, folk dancing, sequence dancing as well as for children’s parties.